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Tackling Unfinished Projects: Strategies for Motivation

We've all been there—excitedly starting a new project, only to leave it half-finished as our attention shifts to newer, more exciting endeavors. These unfinished projects, affectionately known as UFOs (UnFinished Objects), accumulate, taking up space both physically and mentally. Finishing these projects can bring a deep sense of accomplishment and relief, but finding the motivation to tackle them can be challenging. Here are several strategies to help rekindle your enthusiasm for completing those UFOs.

Set Clear, Achievable Goals

Breaking down your projects into smaller, manageable tasks can make them seem less daunting. Set clear, achievable goals for each session, such as completing a specific number of rows, assembling pieces, or dedicating a set amount of time to work on the project. Seeing progress, no matter how small, can be incredibly motivating and push you to keep going.

Create a Dedicated Project Space

Having a dedicated space where you can work on your projects without interruption can significantly boost your productivity. Organize your workspace so that everything you need is within reach, reducing friction and making it easier to dive back into your projects. A visually appealing and comfortable workspace can also inspire you to spend more time working on your UFOs.

Schedule Regular Crafting Time

Consistency is key when it comes to finishing projects. Schedule regular crafting sessions, treating them as important appointments with yourself. Whether it's an hour each evening or a few hours over the weekend, having a set time dedicated to working on your UFOs can help build momentum and make crafting a part of your routine.

Join a Crafting Group or Challenge

Sometimes, all we need is a bit of external accountability to get moving. Joining a crafting group or participating in a challenge can provide the motivation you need to finish your projects. Sharing your progress with others who understand the struggle can be incredibly encouraging. Many crafting communities also host "UFO Challenges," where members motivate each other to complete their unfinished projects within a certain timeframe.

Reward Yourself

Set up a reward system for yourself. Treat yourself to something special after reaching significant milestones, whether it's a new crafting tool you've been eyeing, a fancy dinner, or simply a relaxing evening doing nothing. Knowing there's a reward waiting can be a powerful motivator to push through and finish your projects.

Reflect on Why You Started

Take a moment to reflect on why you started each project in the first place. What excited you about it? What vision did you have for the finished product? Reconnecting with your initial inspiration can reignite your passion for the project and motivate you to see it through to completion.

Repurpose or Redesign

If you find yourself dreading the thought of returning to a particular project, consider whether it can be repurposed or redesigned into something more exciting. Not all projects need to be completed in their original form. Giving yourself permission to change direction can breathe new life into stale projects and make the process more enjoyable.

Declutter Your Project List

Finally, be honest with yourself about which projects you realistically intend to finish. It's okay to let go of projects that no longer inspire you. Decluttering your project list can lift a weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the projects you truly care about.

Unfinished projects can weigh heavily on our minds, but with the right strategies, we can find the motivation to tackle them head-on. By setting goals, creating a conducive workspace, scheduling regular crafting time, seeking accountability, rewarding ourselves, reconnecting with our initial inspiration, and being willing to adapt, we can clear our UFO backlog and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it. Remember, the journey of completing a project is as rewarding as the finished product itself.


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