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A Poem for Quilty Friends

In the world of quilts, where stitches dance,

Our friendship thrives, it's not by chance.

With every patch and every thread,

Our bond grows stronger, it's easily said.

Oh, how fun it is to meet,

My Quilty friends, so very sweet.

With fabrics bright and patterns bold,

In their company, I never feel old.

We laugh, we chat, we share our tales,

In the land of quilts, friendship never fails.

For quilting is the magic glue,

That binds us together, so strong and true.

So let's raise a cheer for our quilting spree,

With my Quilty friends, so dear to me.

In this patchwork world, we find our bliss,

In the stitches of friendship, we never miss!

Debbie Martinez

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