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I Went to the Quilt Shop

I went to the quilt shop for just a few things,

But oh, the temptation that fabric sale brings!

Thirty percent off on solid colors so fine,

And surely I need more whites and pinks to be mine.

Then I spotted the cutting table, oh dear,

New Bee in My Bonnet, with purple so clear.

And the elusive blue by Camille Roskelley,

I simply can’t resist, it’s an instant buy, really!

This shop has it all, everything I adore,

But my pile of fabric is growing, I can’t ignore.

I dash to the bathroom, take a deep breath,

Remind myself, I can only sew so fast to avoid a quilted death.

Back in the store, my resolve starts to wane,

With Fig Tree and 3 Sisters, I’m totally insane.

Primitive Gatherings, their patterns call to me,

I must make them all, oh the quilts I will see!

As I pile up the fabric on the cutting table high,

I must admit, my taste is impeccable, oh my!

But now I wonder, as my stomach starts to groan,

Do I really need groceries? Eating out sounds like a tone.

Thread is next on my list, I turn with a smile,

Laundry Basket Quilts and Lella Boutique style.

I saw them on YouTube, now I must have their wares,

Thank goodness Kelly worked overtime, for this fabric affair.

With my car loaded up, I’m ready to flee,

But how to sneak it all in, so Kelly won’t see?

Perhaps a distraction, a diversion, a ruse,

Or maybe just honesty, I simply can’t be refuse!

For quilting is my passion, my one true love,

And fabric shopping, well, it’s sent from above.

So Kelly, my dear, please understand my plight,

I simply couldn’t resist, it was love at first sight!


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