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The Progress and Planning Continues

We planned out all the plugs but had to wait for sheetrock for the Phone placement.

This is my fault but I needed to see it on actual walls. And I needed to help decide how high to hang it since I will the one using it the most.

Design with Ease

Designing where every plug, window, shelf, and furniture piece goes ahead of time is very important. I don't care how big your sewing room is, it is never big enough.

I have spent hours planning and measuring to make sure I am making the most of my space. I have changed my mind several times on everything from the cutting table to weather or not I am painting the antiques I bought to go in the studio.

Find your stopping place before it's too late

This was hard for me. Kelly had the door in and the sheetrock almost is done and I found a better, prettier, and bigger door. Whew He hadn't sheetrocked all the door... I was just in time. lol But changing the window under the stain glass window....well... it just too late.... oh and make sure you have qualified helpers. This one has her own tools.

The more planning you do the easier it will be to set up.

I used graph paper to help me plan it out furniture placements so I could make sure all my pieces would fit comfortably.

Get Inspired

You can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook has lots of groups I found inspiring.