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The Kitchen Side of My Studio

In my studio on one side is a kitchen. I designed it this way so I don't have to stop sewing to go to the house to cook something.

I don't have a real oven or stove so I got a toaster oven and a stovetop to put on my vintage stove. My drawers are from an old sewing machine base. Adaline has a microwave too.

This picture was before Kelly finished the counter but you can see the stovetop on the vintage oven. I use the oven for pans and the dishes go in the top. I got the whisk a few years ago and its a pan hanger. My girls thought it was dumb but I don't.


I do dishes by hand. I thought I wouldn't mind …… I was very wrong. I have the microwave and fridge to match the stove.

The window is one of my favorite parts. Kelly framed it with the mirror that was with the dresser we used for the base of the sink. My sink is an old vintage sink. The scale was given to me by my grandfather years ago. The silver ceiling is only over the kitchen area and Kelly did a great job framing it.

I found this step stool at an antique shop and its perfect for my granddaughter Adaline to use to get a drink.


We love making brownies, they smell so wonderful while we sew.

Bagel Bites are really good in the toaster oven. When I have my granddaughter in the studio with me she loves to cook something. so some of the freezer things work perfectly. My KitchenAid was a gift from my kids last year and I think it matches perfectly.

I love using my crockpot while I sew, and you have to have a cute one too!

So stop by and we'll have a cup of tea!