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Yes You Can Make a Cross-Stitch Into a Quilt

I love quilting and cross stitching! So why can't we combine them. Using Ten Sisters Easy Piecing Grids you can very easily.

This is the cross stitch book I decided to use. So when deciding to use a pattern from a cross-stitch book, you have to pick one that isn't too large. Each grid (depending on block size) only has so many squares. I choose to use the grid that finishes at 1 1/2 finished squares. So my panels are nine squares by 14 squares. So for the quilt I made, I needed 12 panels.

Then cut my fabric into 2-inch squares, and following the cross-stitch, I ironed them to the grid and sewed as per directions.

Because of the size I wanted I could not use the whole cross-stitch pattern.

This was such a fun pattern. I will also cross-stitch it to go in the same room.

But it isn't finished yet.......

Now it's ready to quilt. Don't you think a pillow with just a tomato would also be cute?

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