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Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch

This small wall quilt was so fun to do. I made it for my Daughter Bethany who asked for a quilt for her holiday wall. As I was deciding what to make I thought if I made it Halloween then she will want another one next month for Thanksgiving.....So I decided on Fall so both holidays were covered. LOL Which was a good idea since she started asking what I could do for Christmas.....

The finished size is 38 1/2 X 48 1/2

I used Lori Holt's Sew. Simple Shape Autumn Love

I used pieces:

1 - F-1

1 - F-2

2 - F-6

1 - F-7

1 - F-10

6 - F-17

1 - F-18

3 - F-22

1 - F-23

1 - F-26

1 - F-27

1 - F-31

1 - F-32

I did the block pieces from week 1 and week 5 from Lori's Autumn Love Sew Along

For Straw I used

you can watch Lori's week 1 block here:

And see her post for the blocks here:

Week one

Week five

The words I did in iron on vinyl cut from a silhouette machine (ironed on after quilting) you can get the pattern here:

The pumpkin above the word patch I hand drew a small pumpkin and stem

Block 21 1/2 X 31 1/2

Applique Pieces on. Starting with a ironed center line and place the stick for the scarecrow in the line. I pin on a design board first to figure out where I want everything. And the glue down before applique.

I did add blush to the face and do the stitching on it before glueing down.

I sewed the front pocket to the overalls before glueing also.

I tucked I folded piece of the background fabric into the front pocket.

I sewed the straw on before glueing too.

Sashing borders are 2 inches X WOF

Blue I cut 10 and background I cut 6 This will give you left overs I made a small table runner.

I sewed 4 sets of the strips together blue background blue

1 set background blue background

I measured the top and bottom width of the appliquéd block. From 2 of the blue background blue sets I cut to that measurement. Repeat for sides.

From the left over sets pieces I cut then up into 2 inch strips. do the same thing with the background blue background set.

Now sew 4 nine patch blocks with cut set pieces.

Sew the side sets to the appliquéd block.

Sew nine patch blocks to each end of the top and bottom strip set and the sew on appliquéd block.

Outer border I cut 4 5 inch X WOF measure the sides and cut accordingly

After quilting I squares it up by cutting borders to 4 1/2.

I sewed the binding on and then ironed on the words. After I ironed on the words I appliquéd the little pumpkin above the words.

This is the pinned down block.

I make my own design boards and I one that is 20 X 30 just for things like this.


used Lori Holt's Sew. Simple Shapes Autumn Love

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