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Travel Machine

This is my favorite travel machine. This little singer featherweight is a work horse and very easy to carry. I always take my featherweight to retreats or sewing with friends. Mostly because she is easy to carry but a very good fast straight stitcher.

Some people take their main machine and some don't, it's all a matter of choice. Whatever you are comfortable with. What ever you choose just make sure you take:

  • Sewing machine, clean and oil before the retreat if needed. Don’t forget the manual if you have one.

  • Foot pedal and power cord to your machine.

  • Extension cord and power strip.

  • Extra needles for your machine.

  • Bobbins

  • Lint brush

  • Sewing machine oil

  • Little screwdriver

  • Extension table for your machine.

  • Any of the feet you might need for your machine. Walking foot, 1/4″ foot, zipper foot, etc.

Maybe I will This is the place my Featherweight goes when not traveling. I love this table! it's from Arrow.

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