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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Paper is up and I am so excited !

Is's all coming together and I think it is looking more and more like the cottage I imagined.

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress. I think the decorating part is my favorite. Mostly because I am not as good as my Dream Maker husband at building. So Now I get a lot more hands on.

Some of the progress

Doing my studio has been a fun process to do with my husband. Even though he is doing most of the work I have enjoyed asking questions on why and how he is doing some things.

I planned out everything I could think of and no matter how much planning I did things change. And I am very glad I to have a husband who can see my vision and doesn't get mad when changes occur. Good example was the door to the studio, after he had it installed I found a vintage door. And it was bigger than the door he just installed. He saidwell I am glad I didn't have the sheet rock done.....

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