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The Sewing Space Station

This week I worked on "The Sewing Space Station by Arabesque Scissors." This is such a fun pattern to make and very clever.

There are pockets to hold a ruler, a small cutting mat, projects, tape measure, a cutter, scissors, etc. One pocket is for the bag that hooks to the buttons, but I leave it connected and use the pocket for something else. This is what it looks like all competed.

The pattern comes with directions to make a pincushion that slides into the pocket mine sits on. I decided to make one that matched the pin cushion fabric I chose.

It folds up, making it easy to carry or slide into a carry bag. I also decide to use ribbon cutting it one length instead of the two bias pieces in the pattern.

I sent it under my serger just for the picture so you can see how cute it is!

This front pocket can be switched to the other side for left-handed people. But it did not have to do that in the directions. So if you want to do it, you would round opposite corners from what the pattern says.

I enjoyed making this, and the directions were perfect. She also has a video on youtube you can follow.

If you want to make one, you can get the pattern at:

She has a video on instagram showing how much she gets in the pockets too.


Let her know I sent you! LOL


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