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Snow Days are the Best Days

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

We don't get much snow in the San Juan Islands but when we do it's exciting.

This week we got so much snow school and daycare was canceled. I really don't thing the kids were very upset. Addie was so happy to play in snow, even when her hands were ice cold and she was shaking from the cold, she din't want to come in.

Our pond was frozen over and even the dogs enjoyed running across it. We did have a few otters show up looking for a pond to feed from but ours was to frozen.

It so funny when it hardly ever snows and then you get dumped one knows where the snow shovel is and the sleds are packed somewhere. But my husband found the shovel and we have paths even to the My Rose Cottage.

I hope your weather is a bit better than ours but enjoy what ever it is!


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