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Quilting Through the Storm

In a quaint little town where the rain pours down,

Lived four quilty friends with a well-earned renown.

Linda, Julie, Pauline, and Debbie,

Facing storms for fabric, and they don’t even care if the bags are heavy..

With needles in hand and a glint in their eye,

They'd brave the worst weather, no need to be shy.

"Let's go!" they'd shout, with a laugh so hearty,

"For a sale at the quilt shop, we mustn't be tardy!"

Through puddles they'd splash, with a skip and a hop,

Nothing could stop them on their way to the shop.

Bolts of fabric, patterns so bright,

In their eyes, a pure delight.

Quilt kits were their downfall, they'd confess,

But oh, the joy of adding to their stash, no less!

With bags full of treasures, they'd make their retreat,

Dreaming of quilts that would look so sweet.

So here's to the friends, with a passion so strong,

For quilting and laughter, they'll always belong.

Rain or shine, they'll be on their way,

To the quilt shop, for another grand day!

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