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Quick & Easy Bag

I love making and using bags! And Youtube is an excellent resource for finding tutorials and free patterns. I found this pattern and tutorial at Homemade on Our Homestead

You can find a lot of great tutorials on this channel. But this pattern comes in 2 sizes, and I made the large one.

This bag has only three pattern pieces and was fun to put together.

It has a wide handle, so it fits comfortably over your shoulder. And it holds a lot. I can get my planner, large iPad, knitting projects, and much more. The tutorial made it easy, and she wasn't boring to watch.

I chose to do each of the three pattern pieces with a different fabric for the outside and used the side pocket fabric for the lining fabric. I did add a pocket to the inside. I always throw my cell phone in my bag, and a pocket makes it, so I am not digging to find it.

This bag would make a great gift too!

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