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In the picturesque town of Rose Haven, where quilting traditions thrive, a shocking murder disrupts the close-knit community. A mysterious stranger, Alexander Blackwood, arrives and takes residence in the old Victorian mansion, sparking curiosity among the townspeople. When Helen, the leader of the local quilt group, discovers his lifeless body wrapped in an antique quilt, she is compelled to solve the mystery herself. Joined by her diverse group of quilters with unique skills, they uncover a web of deception and hidden motives. As they delve into Alexander's controversial past, they encounter veiled warnings, physical confrontations, and a shadowy adversary determined to silence them. Amid isolation and paranoia, the quilt group must distinguish genuine leads from red herrings, leading them to a shocking revelation that hits close to home. Their pursuit of justice exposes secrets long buried, changing the town's history forever. get yours on Amazon!

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