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My Long Arm Got Her Own Room

We moved my longarm out of my sewing studio, freeing up a ton of space. And if I had known how much I would love having my longarm and my sewing machine in separate rooms, I would have done it long ago.

Nice big room with lots of light! It will be so nice quilting out here.

I couldn't wait for Kelly to finish before trying out the new design wall.

Kelly added a design wall! I was so excited to get this. I didn't have wall space in my studio for one, and I do in this room.

Kelly and Brandon hung a quilt for me ...... and rehung it again! Sometimes you don't know where they are supposed to be until you move them a few times.

I needed a sewing machine in here too for backings and to sew blocks as they come off the design wall. This is one of my favorite featherweights!

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