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Girlfriend Recipe Exchange

I sew with the best group of ladies, and I look forward to our sewing day! Today we started ours. You get this book for each girlfriend, and it can hold up to 14 recipes. Each person takes turn-taking all the books home and writes their favorite recipe in each book. Then when she brings back the books, she brings the recipe to share. There is a place to put a picture of your friend or the finished recipe in the book. This will be so fun to look at in the future to see their handwriting and photographs of them too! Plus, try all the yummy recipes. You can get a book for your group at:

So each Girlfriend gets their book. I passed them out with spatulas, making it more fun to start.

I added my recipe to the book and brought a sample to try. These are so yummy.

Here's our group minus 1. I just love the time we spend together each week. Such a fun group of ladies!

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