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From The Beginning

It all began with moving the Chicken Coop......

Then The fun began, or so I say. I don't think My Dream Maker Husband agrees. I ordered a Shed Kit from Home Depot called the Arlington. We did make several changes from the kit but then thats what you do to make it yours.

Some changes would have been easier if we had of before something else was finished. Like the door. Kelly had it all in and I found a really pretty vintage one from and old church in San Francisco. And of course he was almost done with the sheet rock.....

One of the lights was changed 3 times before it was finally correct. And we did have a few other things that went that way. So I learned that no matter how much planning goes into something it can and will change.

We have enjoyed the process and I do think Kelly is wondering what is in store for him next..... evil grin.....


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