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Favorite Go To Stitch

This is one of my favorite go to stitches when I want to do something special for a gift. This pattern is Fancy Flower Watering Can and its available as a PDF download in our shop. But I love this one because its easy and there are so many options for giving as a gift. I have stitched this on a dish towel and then placed it in a watering can with a flower for an easy gift. Or Stitch this on a piece of cloth and frame. Another idea is to stitch on a dish towel and crochet the bottom or use the bias tapes with the crochet edge to give it a more finished look. Add a few wooden spoons and a bow and another great gift.

The one thing I have noticed when giving embroidered dish towels they save them instead of use them because of how special they look. SO I guess they are a successful

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