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Attic Fun in Sewing Studio

My Rose Cottage has attics on both sides and an open space in the middle. The left side is Addie's Attic and is about 8 feet long. The attic on the right is maybe 4 feet. This side is mine. It is for extra storage. Because you can see it I wanted it to be more fun to look at than a bunch of boxes. There are a a lot of things behind that you can't just see so I wan excited about that.

The toy box my Grandfather made for me when I was little and is now full of kits. I used it for each kid I had and repainted it when my youngest was small. It is so fun to still have it around.

I just love dress forms and you will see several even in my home. This Picture you can see a basket behind the suit cases and it holds more storage. As do the suit cases. My rose Cottage sign was made by my Son in law's dad and I think it perfect !!

Between the 2 attics Kelly made this build in shelf that is about a foot wide. It holds my collection of children sewing machines. I just love that they are up there and out of the way. I love to collect them but its hard when you don't have a place to put them. My sewing room in the house Kelly made me a shelf that was high up too. so I wanted one again when he was building my studio. Before that they just went in a box and that's how I ended up with 2 of the same

I have visions of decoration it for the holidays too.....we'll see.... going up and down the ladder .....we'll see.


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