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Paint and Paper

Green Walls and paper on 1 wall

I have been so excited and spent hours looking at paint colors, but now we are ready to paint and I an nervous I picked wrong.

I thought I had the right choice several I went back and forth between a rose color, blush color, and green. But when I was standing at the paint store none of them seemed right. Oh my gosh, months to decided and I am standing here going maybe I should do blue.......

When you get to the paint color it has to be right and what you want. All the building was my husband and he's fabulous at it but the decorating has to be me.

So as I stood in the paint store and grabbed everyone for their opinion it was so hard to decide. But the green did seem to pop with the wallpaper.


I want my studio to feel like a cozy cottage. I am filling it with antiques and treasures as well as sewing supplies. I didn't want it to feel like a workspace. I want to enjoy going in there and I want my girlfriends to feel the same way. So the paper gave it that old fashion warm hug feeling. I am only papering 1 wall and it is the kitchen area.

I think with the vintage sink and the antiques this paper will be perfect.