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New pattern to Be Released Soon!

Ok, I so I couldn't stand it anymore.....I had to design a new cross stitch pattern! I keep watching Flosstube and Kelly does all the cross stitch but he's been so busy I decided I would pick up my needle and join in. I usually design and Kelly stitches but some times I just have to get in on the fun. From the sneak peek you can see there is a lamb on my new pattern. I love lambs and we have 4 on our farm so I had to add them.

And the colors are so pretty! So you will have to stop by and see the finished product. I am a bit slower at stitching that Kelly is so it might be a bit. It will be an easy and fairly fast pattern so I hope you will want to stitch it too!

This is one of our lambs, we have babydoll Southdown sheep. Her name is Bernice LaFleece and she a bit older now. But I just love how these sheep are always smiling! So stop back by and see our new pattern soon.