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Ideas For the Quarantined Quilter

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Quarantine sounds fun until you are really doing it. And as a quilter, you have dreamed of being quarantined to your sewing room forever. But now that it's happening you can't think of very many things to do... right? Well here are some of my suggestions:

  • Organize and clean your sewing room. O know we all wish we had the time to do this and now we do but we really want to sew too. So I suggest breaking in up. Before you start sewing take 1 hour and pick a section or spot to organize and clean. This can be as easy as the drawers in your sewing table. but pick a spot and start. Set a timer and when the time is up stop and start sewing. We need the sewing time to relax and fill that sewing fix we all have.

  • Pick a movie you have wanted to see or an audible book to listen to while you sew. Pick a series on Netflix or Amazon and binge-watch as you sew. This is great to enjoy being in your sewing space and do what you have wanted to do.

  • Watch tutorials on YouTube and learn something new. There are so many choices that alone can keep you busy for days!

  • Take an online sewing class. There are several free ones out there. Remember google knows all of them. There are a lot of free ones too.

  • Clean and oil your machine or machines. It's a good time to get out those manuals and get reacquainted with your machine.

  • Work on Birthday and Christmas gifts now. How many times have we wished we had a few more days to finish some of these. Now is your chance.

  • All those kits you have been collecting, Cut them up so they are ready to sew. This will motivate you later to finish them up. Plus you will have kits ready for sew days with friends and retreats.

  • Go through your patterns and books. Share with others what you won't need anymore. you could send an email to your quilting friends with a list of the books you no longer need and they could let you know what they want and they can add to the list. Let the sharing begin...

  • Learn recipes that are quick and easy so you can get back your sewing. Or ones you want to try to take to the next sewing day when the quarantine is over. Write the out on cute recipe cards to give with hot pads or mug rugs for future gift-giving.

  • Start and email chain with friends to share recipes, sewing you are doing or ideas, to keep in touch.

  • Refold your quilts that are stacked.

  • Organized your fabric. You can do it by color, manufacturer, or designer. What ever you want to do. cut scraps into usable sizes ex: 5 inch, 2 1/2 inch etc.

  • Share fabric you won't use with a friend or cut it up into fun small kits to pass out to other quilters.

  • Join a sew along or a quarantine mystery quilt online. I was so surprised how many of these there are out there. You don't have to limit your self to one, do as many as you want. You don't even have to join you can watch as many as you want. That can be a great learning tool.

  • Start a quilt journal, there are several out there and even some you can download and get started.

  • Start a blog to showcase your quilting progress. This is so fun to do and your family and friends will love seeing what you are doing. Plus there are fun ways at the end of the year to put it in a book.

  • Join Instagram to see ideas and you will make friends too.

  • Listen to podcasts from quilters and shop owners. There are several out there and they can be fun to listen to while you sew.

  • Make some service quilts or masks for the hospitals. I know we always have something to sew for others.

  • Ask your local guild what they might need, Sharing is caring.

These are some ideas to keep you busy and I hope it helps. But of everything just enjoy your time sewing!