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Easy Weights

I wanted to share my easy weights. I use these in my sewing room and in my office to hold down papers when the air conditioning is blowing.

This is the one I use in my sewing room for that added weight for after pressing or for gluing down my pieces in the Granny’s garden sew-along. I use rocks put when picking the rock you need to find one that fits your hand or is not hard to pick up 1 handed. You also need one that is heavy enough to fold things in place but not too heavy. If it is too heavy it could damage your ruler and if it is to heavy it wrinkles your project.

It’s easy to find a good black and white speckled rock that is a perfect shape. I use those a lot. This one is one of those manufactured rocks they attach on the outside of houses. My Dream Maker found this one for me. It’s heart-shaped and it covers nicely. Plus the manufactured ones aren’t as heavy as they look.

So start with a rock and wash it completely. Let it dry.

Paint it whatever color you like. I went with an antique rose. I used Rustoleum paint.

Let it completely dry.

I love to use doilies and I have several my mother and grandmother made. If you don't have any you can always get them at Micheal's and JoAnn's. If you want one that is more decorative than you look on eBay or Etsy. The size of your doily will depend on the rock you pick. I suggest you find the rock first because they are harder to find than the doily.

I use crochet thread to sew it on. Cut a really long piece. I go through the holes that are already on the doily so as not to ruin the doily. I work from top to bottom and side to side, crisscrossing as I go. Knotting off.

I cover the bottom with Felt or faux leather. This will protect your rulers and table from scratches and it will look nice. I hot glue this down but I only glue where my sew on threads are so as not to ruin the doily in case I want to take it off for some reason.

All finished and ready to use!

This one is one I let the edges ruffle. I just only caught some of the stitches on the back to give it more of a draped feel. I use this one at work on my desk to hold down papers.