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Circular Sock Machine Travel/Home Table

This is the stand my husband Kelly made for me to hold my CSM. The one I bought to go with my machine work fine except it had my machine angled wrong for me and it was really missing the cute factor. It just looked like it belonged in the garage with my husband's tools rather than in my studio.

I look at this mess and think "what in the world is he going to do with this pile of pieces"? Well let me show you ......

I needed a table for my circular sock machine and I don't have space for travel and a regular one and I have to be able to carry it myself. And I wanted one that fit the theme of my studio. I know picky picky.....but if you knew my husband you knew it would be possible!

So he set out to make just what I wanted......


Kelly went through all the sewing machine bases and found the perfect pieces! You also have to know he's a welder so cutting and welding this is possible! If you look at the new home base he added pieces so it can set in and be taken out.

A special top had to be made to hold the wooden top and help hold the base together.

These are the 4 main pieces before painting. I didn't want this to be the same size as the regular sewing machine bases because I didn't have room and I didn't need it that big. Plus I need to be able to move this myself.


The wooden top had to be cut to position my machine just right. This did take a bit to fight out on my part ....not Kelly'

Painting all the pieces did take some time... and I was dying to see the finished table.

It's almost done here. And it turned out the perfect size. I knew Kelly would be able to make the perfect table for me!


Look how stinkin cute it turned out! The drawer on the front opens out sideways and holds all of my tools. it did come from a sewing machine base and I did add the wood piece to the front.

My CSM fits perfectly! and I love how it still has wheels for moving it around my studio.

This table comes completely apart easily and is easy to put back together so I am ready for the next Crank In!!! And I might not be very good at making socks yet but I will look like I can with this cute table.