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Adding Touches to My Rose Cottage

As I put together My Rose Cottage Studio I want it to be functional, comfortable, and cozy. So I decided on going for a Vintage Cottage look. I wanted to be able to make lunch in my studio while we are sewing. So I added a kitchen to one end. It’s not a regular kitchen. I really wanted to use the cute vintage stove below. But it really doesn’t work. Just remember this a work in progress.....

It does serve as a great place to put cups bowls and plates in the top cupboards (see above). and in the oven, it holds my pans for the movable stovetop that sits on top. The side 2 doors will hold silverware and utensils soon as I find the right size basket to hold them. I found the Cuisinart Stove stop on Amazon. The only thing I wasn't too happy with was you need a certain kind for pans for these. I did buy a set of Cuisinart pans and when they came they were very nice so I OK with it then for sure.

When adding a fridge and microwave I want a vintage feel with them too. I was so lucky to find this set in a blue that matched my stove. I found it on Amazon too. The brand is Daewoo. It does come in other colors also.

The sink and counter are not finished yet, but there will be a butcher block added to both sides of the sink. that is why you see the fridge is not covered completely by the counter. It will be.

I ordered these cute mugs with my Logo on them from Vistaprint and my husband added cup hooks under the Microwave shelf and now it looks like this:


The giant whisk above the stove is a potholder. I thought it was so fun and a perfect place to use it. I think I found this at Country Door.

I love my wallpaper and get a ton of questions on it but I am sad to say I bought it a few years ago to put in my bathroom. When I went to paper the wall in Rose Cottage I heard from everyone "No one uses wallpaper anymore" so the paper that said the name got tossed away.

Hopefully, the sink and counter will be done soon and I will share the other side of the kitchen...

Stop by again soon,