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Adding Joy

As I fill My Rose Cottage I wanted to be surrounded by things that I love. And one of my favorites is Memories of Yesterday figurines by Mabel Lucie Attwell. I just love these.

Through the years my husband and kids have gotten them for me and I just love each one. My husband got the one with the phone because he said I was always on the phone. lol, I am not sure that's

As you fill your studio or sewing room I hope you are filling yours with things you love too. I think when you get a space that is all yours it's important to make it yours and surround yourself with what you love.


I have them in different spots all over the studio. This one sits by my Alexa. It's so fun to fill this room with my treasures.

I just love turning on the light in the hutch as I am in my studio. It just makes me happy.

In Addie's Attic I blew up a Mabel Lucie Attwell postcard and my Dream Maker Husband framed it for me. It looks perfect up there and you can see it from below. Now I just need to find a few reprint Children books to sit on the shelf.

If you are just starting your space I always recommend find what you love and fill it with that. This is your space and it only needs to make you happy. If you are happy everyone else will be too!