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A Door To Remember

This screen door is a treasure from my dear friend Ebie. It came off of one of the houses on the island that is now a school. I was so excited when Ebie gave me the door and I brought it home and had Mt Dream Maker Husband hold it in place right away so I could see.

As you can see it was a perfect fit......until I found this door that came all the way from a church in San Francisco.

I just loved it and so the new door came out and the old door went in. I was so glad Kelly hadn't sheetrocked by the door or this might have been a different post.

So the cute green door needs a few alterations to fit. But I knew My Dream Maker was up for the challenge. a few trips to the hardware store, Hobby Lobby, and some online shopping he had everything he needed.


And it went from green to a paint color called cottage charm. Perfect color for Rose Cottage.

I do love finding things from different places or making a trip out of a pick up to get the perfect find. I want my cottage to be filled with lots of different vintage charm.

I think I am on a pretty good roll.

I found the cutest doorknob at Hobby Lobby along with some hinges.

For some reason, hinges became the biggest problem. We couldn't find any that fit. But lucky me when I found these he was able to cut off part of 1 side and then they worked perfectly. And you would never know he altered them if I didn't tell you.

I sure hope Ebie doesn't ask for her door back

I think it looks pretty cute.

We have the outside to paint and flower boxes to make and the porch to finish.

But I am very happy with it so far.